The Benefits of Our Ingredients

The ingredients in all our soaps are hand-picked for their excellent benefits for your skin. Nigerian dwarf goat milk soap is an excellent product for all skin types, especially irritated or sensitive skin. 

Olive oil has antioxidants which help prevent premature aging. It is also an exfoliator, moisturizer, and is naturally anti-bacterial. It is great for the skin which spends time in the sun. All of the natural oils in our products have many of the same benefits as olive oil but contribute other benefits as well. For instance, coconut oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial that gives the soap a refreshing lather which can make your shower much more enjoyable. Apricot oil and rice brand oil have excellent skin-nourishing properties including anti-inflammatory tendencies which calm down day-to-day dryness and irritation. Cocoa butter is filled with good qualities such as healthy fatty acids to heal dry skin. It also extends the life of a bar of soap. 

Our individual soaps contain other ingredients as well, usually included for exfoliation or soap color. Many of these ingredients also have skin-loving properties that you should know about! The bamboo powder contains natural silica and minerals and is a very gentle, but effective exfoliate. Jojoba beads are a natural exfoliate that is made from the oil of the jojoba bush. They are spherical in shape giving them smooth edges that exfoliate effectively but are very gentle for your skin. Pumice is an effective exfoliate to reveal bright, young, beautiful skin. Oatmeal is rich in anti-oxidants. It reduces the damage to the skin by UV rays and inflammation. It’s a very gentle exfoliate, leaving your skin clean, clear, and rejuvenated.  Cranberry seeds are full of fatty acids. Just the ticket to soothe and clean your skin! Nettle and pumice have powerful anti-aging effects because they are antioxidants that eliminate free radicals, flush out toxins, decrease inflammation, and control acne by removing bacteria from the skin. Pumice is an effective exfoliate to reveal bright, young, beautiful skin. Yellow dock powder fights against toxicity and inflammation. Turmeric powder contains many anti-inflammatory properties. Strawberry seeds are gentle, yet potent, leaving your skin clean, clear and rejuvenated. Coffee not only wakes you up, but it is an excellent, gentle exfoliator that removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin silky smooth. It also minimizes the look of cellulite with its diuretic properties. Micas are a group of similar, naturally-occurring mineral dust that are often used in makeup foundations. They come in many colors and account for many of the beautiful hues found in our products.

Nigerian dwarf goat milk is the perfect additive when compared to water. Water contributes little to overall skin health. Chemical fortification of water-based soaps extends little to skin health when compared to Nigerian dwarf goat milk soap and can even damage the skin when used long term.  See the section entitled “Why Nigerian Dwarf Goat’s Milk?”

Our exfoliates are all-natural. Most commercially made soaps have tiny plastic microbeads added to them to serve as exfoliates which are washed down the drain and eventually out into the oceans where they contribute to the plastic pollution predicament and are ingested by sea life, eventually making them sick. This is very bad for our fragile environment. Using our hand-made soaps means you are not contributing to this urgent, and global problem!