Why Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk?

Soaps made with raw Nigerian dwarf goat milk have numerous advantages. 

Milk-based soaps are superior to water-based soaps. The water has no helpful ingredients to benefit your skin and must instead be infused with chemical additives.

Goat milk is superior to cow milk. Raw goat milk which is fresh off the farm is found to be much higher in milk fat content than cow milk, depending on the goat breed. This means that you are getting more of the fats, vitamins, and minerals that you need to keep your skin healthy.

Nigerian dwarf goat milk is superior to every other breed of goat milk because it has the highest amount of milkfat. When Nigerian dwarf goat milk is raw and fresh from the goats like our milk, the fat content can exceed 10%! This would be bad news for your diet but it is excellent news for your skin! The fat globules are even smaller than those found in cow milk, meaning that they are more easily broken down and used to nourish your skin. Higher milk fat translates to a better ability to moisturize your skin. It will feed your skin, not dry it out like many water-based soaps tend to do.

This unique type of milk also contains higher levels of alpha-hydroxyl acids such as lactic acid which helps to remove dead skin cells. These acids stimulate the production of collagen and elastin leaving new cells for smoother, younger skin. They work so well because these acids are able to break down the bonds that hold dead skin together. Removing the dead skin cells leaves your skin smoother and less irritated. That’s why Nigerian dwarf goat milk soap is so ideal for sensitive skin as well as many skin conditions such as acne, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, and several other irritating skin conditions. Water-based soap may actually damage your skin by using harsh chemical acids to perform this process.

Nigerian dwarf goat milk soap is loaded with vitamins including C, K, B, E, and A as well as numerous minerals. These vitamins and minerals help your skin flourish in many ways. Water-based soaps are not as helpful because they contain no vitamins and the types of trace minerals which may be found in water are not typically beneficial to your skin. Water-based soaps can be fortified with vitamins and minerals but, in reality, most are not. 

The numerous benefits of our Nigerian dwarf goat milk provide for many varieties of textures and scents of wonderfully creamy, luxurious, and effective soap custom made for you!