Our Story

All our soap is made from the milk of Nigerian dwarf goats. We chose this breed because they give lots of incredibly creamy milk; milk that is high in fat makes the most luxurious, healthiest soap.

Our family moved to Las Cruces in southern New Mexico by way of Tucson, Arizona where we lived for many years. We are originally from Cleveland, Ohio and New York City so we were hardly “farm people.” We thought about getting some goats when we moved to our ranch in 2016 mainly for weed control. We had heard that goats would eat anything! Gradually, we came upon the idea of making Nigerian dwarf goat milk soap. This plan came about because of our difficulty finding commercial and even hand-made soap with the natural vitamins, minerals, and other good ingredients that we wanted.

We did not like putting chemicals on our skin and we did not like polluting our oceans with the tiny plastic microbeads found in most commercial, man-made skin-care products. This was just not acceptable to us. We did a lot of research, looking around for a long time until we discovered the benefits of soap made with milk instead of water. Then we went on to find that Nigerian dwarf goat milk was the best milk from which to make soap due to its very high milkfat content and the other great benefits of this type of milk. See “Why Nigerian Dwarf Goat milk.” We were sold! We again looked around but could not find anyone making the type of soap we wanted so we decided to make our own!

Goats are heard animals, so you cannot have just one. And no, they will not eat everything, but they will put it in their mouths! We needed a steady source of milk, so we bought our first two goats.  Katy is our doe (female). She is the beautiful black goat featured on many of our labels. Along with her, we got Levon, our wether (fixed male goat) who keeps her company. He is the black and white goat featured on some of our labels. They both eat a lot of weeds! Katy went on a date with a handsome buck and later had three great kids. Now our fledgling herd is made up of Katy and Levon, as well as two adolescent wethers named Benny and Luke. Benny has the markings of a Holstein cow and Luke looks just like his mother. We also have an adolescent doe named Gwen who is many different shades of brown. She is very beautiful and soon it will be time to find a date for her. We also acquired an adult doe who is currently in milk and working hard for our company. Her name is Tiny Bow and she is an unusual pattern of black, white, and brown. She is a small goat with a big heart. We are sure you will see her on a soap label soon!

When the goat kids were weaned, we started making soap. We experimented with many different recipes and techniques, and finally determined a basic recipe with ingredients hand-picked for the benefits to the skin and the cold-process method as the most effective way to make it. One of our family members found that this type of goat milk soap was very hypoallergenic and did not irritate her extremely sensitive skin.   

Everyone who has tried our soaps love them! We began selling soap at the Farmers Market in Las Cruces in November 2018. We built a website. Now, there are 10 different varieties with more on the way. Our goal is to make excellent, unique, luxurious soaps that you wouldn’t find just anywhere. We want to be the very best Nigerian dwarf goat milk soap makers with a growing clientele who keep coming back! We plan to branch out into other skin care products as well and seriously hope you will love our products and recommend us to your family and friends. Any feedback you can give us, either good or constructive, to help us do this job better, would be appreciated! We wish all the best to you! 

Sincerely, Dena, Meeka, Ron, Katy, Tiny Bow, Levon, Benny, Luke, and Gwen.