Morning Brew Goat Milk Soap
Morning Brew Goat Milk Soap

Morning Brew Goat Milk Soap

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Don’t wait until after your morning shower to have your coffee!

Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, goat milk, cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil, rice bran oil, oatmeal, coffee, and fragrance oil.

We think this may be our most unique soap yet! It is exactly what it sounds like. A refreshing soap that smells like coffee and invigorates your morning shower to help you get ready to face the day. If you use this in your morning shower, you will think that you are bathing in a caffeine-laced paradise.  Getting ever stronger and ready to take the day on fully! You have to try it to believe it! And if that were not enough, this soap also contains the many benefits of our other Nigerian dwarf goat milk soaps. See our sections “The Benefits of Our Ingredients” and “Why Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk?” for further information. 

For us, this soap is a must-have in the morning. We are sure you will feel the same!